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Killer Bee

Luke Achterberg // Lexington, KY

The artist’s work explores the relationships between fine art and the Americana cultures of automotive customizing, style writing and street art – all of which display high technical values developed outside of academia. The physical and aesthetic balance creates a work of exquisite visual smoothness and sleekness known as Super Sleek.

Painted Steel
7’H x 6’W x 4’ D | 200 pounds
Completed 2009



John Hooker // Boston, MA

His imposing black gaze and posture confront us, yet, in his monk-like robe with a single star in his palm, he invites us to consider who we are and where we come from. We are all superheroes. We are all made of stars.

Aluminum, Steel, Resin
6’3”H x 2’6”W x 2’2”D | 175 pounds
Completed 2015


High Flight #1

Christopher Newman // Chicago, IL

Whenever something is made using ordinary materials, such as boxes and balloons, the result can be surprising, enlivening the world.

Aluminum and Fiberglass
13’H x 4’ 6”W x 5’D | 250 pounds
Completed 2016


High Steppin’

Andrew Arvanetes // DeKalb, IL

These universal, mechanical shapes all have formal, rational functions, but become whimsical when enlarged and connected in unexpected ways.

Painted Aluminum
9’6”H x 4’W x 5’D | 300 pounds
Completed 2016



Robert Pulley // Columbus, IN

This abstract sculpture is about nature and time, the energy of biology and geology. Built from the ground up from coils of clay, it suggests weathered stone and ancient architecture, but also hints at the human figure.

Stoneware Clay
12’H x 4’W x 3’D | 1,800 pounds
Completed 2011


Intergalactic SubatomicParticle Enhancer - ISPE

Doug Gruizenga // Interlochen, MI

ISPE is a study of the absolutes and variables of form and function. Each part is based on actual objects which the artist varies in composition, design, relationship and function.

Welded Aluminum
8’H x 8’W x 4’D | 300 pounds
Completed 2009
SOLD, on display at Peoria Heights High School


Wired Stag

Jeff Best // Clare, MI

The bull elk sounds his distinctive growl to gather his harem each fall. Made of a half-mile of reclaimed barbed wire, the artist changes the former metal restraint into a free, majestic creature.

Barbed Wire
7’H x 3’4”W x 8’4”D | 250 pounds
Completed 2016

On display through 2018 by generous donations


Fire Birds

Michael Young // Chicago, IL

The beauty of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite is captured in these steel, organic shapes. With strong movement, visual balance and harmony, the imagery suggests a ballet of birds interacting with a human form.

Stainless Steel
11’H x 4’W x 6’D | 500 pounds
Completed 2016


Horse with Chain Bridle

Jonathan Bowling // Greenville, NC

The artist uses re-purposed steel, found objects and recycled materials from the turn of the last century to depict an animal intertwined with our agrarian past. His steel horses are part of a series that focuses on interior and negative space, as well as contour and line.

Welded, Re-purposed Steel
6’H x 7’6”W x 2’D | 600 pounds
Completed 2016


Time Passes

David Zahn // Moline, IL

A human, cast in bronze, appears strong and viable, but it’s disintegrating, as if being blown away by wind or water. Without emotion, the figure remains calm as the dramatic action takes place. Life is fragile. Random things happen, and we transform from one state of being into another.

4’4”H x 2’2”W x 1’2”D | 375 pounds
Completed 2010


Angles,Shadows Reaching

Bill McGrath // Batavia, IL

Heavy steel wrought into strong right angles becomes surprisingly light and airy. The sequentially spaced shapes appear to reach to the sky. When viewed from different vantage points, the sculpture’s form changes, and we are led to discoverthe beauty and peace that reside in order and repetition.

Fabricated Steel
6’8”H x 6’W x 1’8”D | 700 pounds
Completed 2012


The Pedestrian

Patricia Whalen Keck // Peoria, IL

The figure is mindful and intelligent. She steps forward with balance and grace, fully aware of the fragile bird perched on hershoulder. She is on a personal journey to somewhere.

5’6”H x 1’8”W x 1’3”D | 250 pounds
Completed 2017
Purchased in memory of Brenda J Mahoney by her family and gifted to the Peoria Riverfront Museum, 2018



Ben Pierce // Cape Girardeau, MO

The raw rectangular elements appear hesitant and unbalanced as they intersect with the bright oculus. Like an eye, the opening makes us focus on each other and our surroundings.

Welded Steel
10’H x 3’W x 3’D | 400 pounds
Completed 2015


Without Reservation

Robert Winkler // Asheville, NC

Walk past and around this piece and experience how it changes as you move. It is mathematically and precisely engineered, yet offers a protective and open embrace.

Cor-Ten Steel
4’ 6”H x 5’ 8”W x 4’ 6”D | 1,050 pounds
Completed 2016


Anomie Exquisite

Andrew Light // Lexington, KY

Anomie is a condition defined as being asymmetrical or a mismatch. The artist explores this condition within an anesthetic idea of symmetry, slightly askew. As humans we tend to see beauty in symmetry. Here the manufactured art object and the natural progression of forms found in nature present an intriguing paradox – an asymmetrical symmetry of forms that are exquisitely balanced.

Stainless Steel
9’H x 8’ W x 10’D | 200 pounds
Completed 2015


Three Ids of Self

Jaci Willis // Peoria, IL

Three Ids of Self deals with our interior being and the thought processes of id, ego and superego as defined by Freud. Id drives the artist’s creative process. How the three interact changes how her work evolves. When all are in musical harmony, the muse weaves her magic.

Stainless Steel and Glass
12’H x 4’ W x 4’D | 300 pounds
Completed 2015
SOLD, on display at UnityPoint Health- Pekin East


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