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 2018 Sculpture Walk Peoria People’s Choice Winner Announced

Peoria, IL – October 4, 2018 – Sculpture Walk Peoria is thrilled to announce Herb Eaton’s “Mommy’s Broom” sculpture as the winner of the 2018 People’s Choice Award. Eaton will receive the $1000 award. Over 350 ballots were cast in this year’s contest, which began on May 19th at the opening weekend of the Sculpture Walk and continued through the end of September.

Herb Eaton, who resides in Bloomington, Illinois, created the winning sculpture in cast bronze. A horsehead emerging from a broom suggests imagination, as a boy playing with his mother’s broom. Eaton stated, “Peoria has a long history of making things and sharing them with the world. I am proud that some of that is in my blood.  Showing my sculpture in my hometown during Sculpture Walk Peoria 2018 was very gratifying. Thank you to ArtsPartners staff and funders for making it possible to bring new life to the Peoria Riverfront by making Washington Street a 24/7 sculpture park! Thanks also to the people who voted ‘Mommy’s Broom’ the People’s Choice, you voted for one of your own.”

Sculpture Walk Peoria is a five-month display featuring 8 sculptures from nationally renowned sculptors. It is located on Washington Street between Fulton Street and the Bob Michel Bridge. For more information on Sculpture Walk Peoria, please visit

Sculpture Walk Peoria is an initiative of ArtsPartners of Central Illinois, Inc. with the full support of the City of Peoria and private businesses. Its mission is to enhance the appreciation for the arts in our community and educate the members of our community regarding the value of the arts via outdoor, public art spaces in the Peoria Warehouse District. In addition, art—in this case, sculpture—stimulates economic development by bringing people to the Peoria Warehouse District.

ArtsPartners of Central Illinois, Inc. promotes the arts as a vital component of central Illinois’ cultural and economic development. Founded in 1999, ArtsPartners of Central Illinois, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to build awareness and strengthen the arts as an economic catalyst for the Peoria area.

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