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Evan Fairbanks

Medium: Ball Point Pen & Colored Pencil


I am 31 years old and an untrained, self taught artist from Peoria Il. I like to experiment with many different mediums from wood, to paint, to welding, drums, etc. My ADHD fueled propensity to see the artistic potential in ordinary things is both a gift and curse. My favorite (recently) has been automatic drawings with ballpoint pen. I also really like beans. Beans are delicious.

Keith Glascock

Medium: Photography

Instagram | Website

Keith’s journey with photography began five years ago.  Since then, he has made a conscious effort to showcase Peoria through his own lens.  His passion is to take the familiar angles and cityscapes and turn them into something new and uniquely his.  Throughout the journey, he stays motivated by the self learning and the engagement he gets from sharing his art.  “My goal is to remain vulnerable to the creative process while disrupting the norm”, answers Keith.

Keith is currently employed as a Data Visualization Analyst at Caterpillar.  This is the 2nd ArtsPartners billboard for Keith, he first won in 2019 with a mysterious portrait.

Natalie Jackson

Medium: Digital Photography

Website | Email | Instagram

Natalie Jackson is a photographer currently living in Peoria, Illinois. Her love of jazz and portraits frequently collide as she creates fluid bodies with rhythmic flow and movement.  Her Straight, No Chaser, body of work features jazz musicians created as if she’s improvising music. Other figures, such as those depicted in And Still I Rise, are stoic beauties drawing you into their pain and triumph. She is a medical photographer, which helped hone her skill for attention to detail.

Being an ArtPop Street Gallery winner, Class of 2019, brought local and national attention to this artist.  She’s a member of the Illinois Art League, Central Illinois Arts Organization, and Peoria Camera Club.  She sits on the Board of Directors at the Contemporary Art Center of Peoria, which is a frequently visited and highly active community arts center. Her studio, Natalie Jackson Photography, is also located there.

Natalie began taking photography classes at Gwinnett Technical College, Lawrenceville, Georgia in 1996. She has exhibited at several galleries throughout the Midwest including Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, Illinois, placing 2nd in ___ exhibit, won the Award of Excellence at the Peoria Art Guild Riverfront Fine Art Festival 2018, and awarded First Place at Arts in Central Park Fine Art Festival, Decatur, Illinois 2019.

Natalie’s most notable body of work, Crowns of Empowerment, unveiled in 2017, depicts strong Black women as magazine models while referencing the Civil Rights movement. It demonstrates that art is a powerful tool as it pulls you into the canvases to feel the emotion of her beautiful and prideful characters as they relay history.

Hattie Lee

Medium: Custom printed fabric, wicker chair seat, vintage beaded necklace, embroidery thread, acrylic, thrifted earrings, faux gemstone, in an embroidery hoop

Website | Instagram

Hattie Lee is a multi-disciplinary artist who grew up on the plains in Southwest Kansas, and now lives in Peoria, Illinois. She has a BA in graphic design from Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas, and an MFA from Bradley University for Spring 2021. She has been the Campus Artwork Project Coordinator for her Graduate Assistantship, as well as a Gallery Assistant during her career at Bradley University.

As a registered member of the Cherokee Nation she is influenced by her Great Grandmother’s heritage and stories, and desires to continue that legacy in her family. Lee spent three years living in Thailand and traveling to various countries while working with a non-profit organization on their fine art and media team. This experience gave her the opportunity to interact and learn from many people groups and tribes in Asia. Multicultural relationships, interactions, and appreciation are a large part of her creative energy and motivation.

Michael McGarvey

Medium: Photography

Website | Email

For more than 20 years, Mike McGarvey has combined his love of gardening and photography to create “Art from the Butterfly Garden.”

All of my photos were taken in my backyard garden in East Peoria.  My main interest is in close up or macro photography and my subjects include garden plants and visitors including butterflies, bees, wasps and whatever other pollinators that drop into the garden.

Goal of my art:  To advocate for the protection of our many endangered pollinating species and to share the incredible beauty and design of nature that can be found when you take a closer look.

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