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Dana Baldwin: Dreams Unwind

Dana Baldwin

Medium: Fiber

Email: [email protected]

As a fiber artist, my creations are emotional expressions utilizing unconventional materials that are readily available. I look at fiber and envision a unique concept of color and design which expresses freedom and beauty.

Imperfection or irony provides the springboard for most of my creations.  For example, “Haute Couture Rustic” is an 18th Century French Royal Court Dress created out of burlap and cotton sheets with unrefined stitching.  “Mademoiselle Fashion Ignite” is a gown knitted out of silver party curling ribbon used to wrap gifts.  The use of unconventional materials is exciting.   The one-of-a-kind sweater coats allow me to dismantle traditional sweaters and reconstruct unique creations.

My work constantly changes but one fact remains.  It always straddles the dividing line between adornment and sculpture.

Rick Melby: Untitled

Rick Melby

Medium: Glass

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 828-232-0905


Throughout the years I have worked with glass, the play of light, be it natural or artificial, as it activates color and form, has been my touchstone. While my ArtPop entry is a detail of larger work, it hints at this underlying aesthetic that has accompanied my explorations in glass and light.

Orion Richey: Primal Spirals, Gold Hand and Moon Dust

Orion Richey

Medium: Metal

Email: [email protected]


Orion Richey, sculptor from Central Illinois, creates colorful and elegant metal sculptures for indoor and outdoor beautification. A lifelong metalworker, Orion uses “sacred geometry,” welding, forging, and Computer-Aided Design to make multi-arm spiral sculptures. The Inspired Spirals are the result of an ongoing sculptural ambition that forms steel into three dimensional, calligraphic representations of the spiraling energies of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Craig Stocks: Scene Seen on C Street

Craig Stocks

Medium: Photography

Email: [email protected]


I have a passion to create, and I’m fascinated with the tools and technologies of creativity.I strive to produce images that are graphically simple, technically precise and vibrantly colored in order to render beautiful photographic fine art prints.

I’m old fashioned in that I still believe that the purpose of photography is to produce a finished print. There’s nothing wrong with digital images that are viewed online, but there’s something special about a beautifully produced print. It’s something you can touch, and it doesn’t need any special technology to be enjoyed. Small prints can be passed around or bound into albums. Large prints can be framed as wall art.

I’m modern in that I have fully embraced digital technology in my photo art, and Photoshop is now an indispensable part of my creative process. Besides having a completely digital workflow, I also designed and built this website, and I dabble in website design as well as PHP and Java script programming.

I’m independent in that I like to do things myself. While many photographers have outsourced retouching and printing, I like to perform each step in the creative process. I’ve invested in high quality professional printers in order to produce state of the art prints up to 44 by 72 inches. I also do my own matting and framing and produce my own large canvas gallery wraps.

I enjoy learning and sharing. Continuing to learn is one of the most exciting aspects of any hobby, and the rapid pace of change in photography provides a wealth of learning opportunities. I also enjoy sharing what I’ve learned over the years. That has led to a number of photography and Photoshop tutorials on this website. I’ve also been able to provide training and coaching both one on one and in small groups.

Linda Webb: Migrating Monarchs

Linda Webb

Medium: Clay

Email: [email protected]


Every piece that I offer is handmade entirely by me. I begin by sculpting a base in clay. Tiny “tiles” from sheets of rolled clay in a variety of colors and patterns are applied to the base forming a mosaic. Once the piece is cured, it is grouted and sanded smooth. The finished products are durable, waterproof, lightweight and unique pieces of wearable art.

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