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Peoria Ballet is seeking part-time and substitute dance instructors for all levels of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, and Contemporary Dance. The schedule is flexible according to the candidate’s availability.


  • Instruct students according to the syllabus established by the artistic director
  • Provide challenging instruction including corrections that are appropriate to the abilities and level of students
  • Create and maintain a positive classroom environment which includes:
    • Safety and supervision during the entire class period
    • Correct technique to prevent injury
    • Maintain discipline and demand respect from students
    • Maintain high but reasonable expectations
  • Demonstrate respect for students through a fair and equal distribution of attention to all the students during each class, and by use of encouraging language that provides positive reinforcement, constructive criticism, and acknowledgment of achievements.


  • Prior teaching experience.
  • Enjoy teaching at multiple levels of ability and interest.
  • Strong interpersonal and customer relationship skills.

For more detailed job description or questions, contact Jorge Laico, Artistic Director, at jlaico@peoriaballet.com  or call 309-690-7990. To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Mr. Laico at jlaico@peoriaballet.com.

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