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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea and is currently residing in Peoria Players Theatre? SpongeBob SquarePants, that’s who.

Peoria Players Theatre will present The SpongeBob Musical this February. This new production was nominated for twelve Tony Awards back in 2018. From its first iterations, this musical was a fan favorite among the musical theater community, picking up numerous accolades for the performances, music, stage design, and the show’s ability to bring unadulterated joy to the theater. The cast brings optimism and adventure for a couple of hours.

We welcome you to Bikini Bottom, a city under the Pacific Ocean where “all are welcome here,”sponges, squirrels, sea stars and of course, you! This show follows the iconic TV characters as they try to solve the mystery of Bikini Bottom’s volcano, Mount Humongous. With music by the likes of 80’s icons Cindy Lauper and David Bowie, and contemporary artists such as John Legend and Lady Antebellum plus many more, it will be impossible not to be swept into this undersea world. As you are transported into the world of our hero, SpongeBob SquarePants, fans of the show will be able to pinpoint some of the quintessential references from the animated series. Even though SpongeBob usually is geared towards younger audiences, the show tackles societal issues that we can all connect to like global warming, politics and family. The best part of the show is that all these themes are explored by one of the most optimistic characters ever written, the motivating SpongeBob Squarepants.

Peoria Players’ version of The SpongeBob Musical has a cast of over 40 hard working people coming from all across Central Illinois. A casting call went out for auditions in early November, where over 70 rallied to the call.

Some of the cast members are seasoned favorites, and a quarter of the cast is new to the Peoria Players Theatre stage.

Our title character is portrayed by Caleb Johnson who has been seen at Eastlight and Corn Stock Theatre, and spent last summer with “Tecumseh,” an Ohio theater company. Playing SpongeBob’s best friend, Patrick Star, is Jerrod Barth. Jerrod is a local favorite that you have likely seen in several shows at Eastlight, Peoria Players and Corn Stock. Rounding out the trio as Sandy Cheeks is Kayla Breitbarth, who has just recently graduated with a degree in theater from Western Illinois University and has been involved in numerous shows at Corn Stock. The supporting cast includes local favorites Todd Michael Cook as Squidward Q. Tenticals, Derek Pitzer as Mr. Crabs, Tameka Mason as Plankton and Ed Peck as Patchy the Pirate.  And many new and familiar faces fill out the ensemble.

The local tech crew is just as talented as the onstage cast. They have been working hard, making Bikini Bottom and its inhabitants come to life. The choreographer, Lexi Grant Zellmer, spent many long hours developing and teaching the numerous and diverse dance sequences in our show. Music director, Nichole Fauser, has spent many hours teaching the over 30 songs in the show that range from pop to country to rap.  A 10-PIECE LIVE ORCHESTRA will be accompanying this diverse show.  With over 300 costume pieces used by the cast, specialty props built exclusively for this performance, and special effects that include everything from bubbles to a Rube Goldberg machine, this production will bring out the inner SpongeBob in everyone.

Please join us at Peoria Players Theatre this February for this new and modern musical. To help continue the tradition of live theatre while keeping everyone safe, we are following the state of Illinois mask mandate and requiring patrons to wear face masks at all times while inside our building. The theatre will also be cleaned and sanitized.

Catch a sneak preview of the show Thursday, January 27 at the Broadway Deli & Lounge! The Broadway Deli & Lounge will be making a special Krabby Patty that evening in honor of our production of The SpongeBob Musical. Enjoy a Krabby Patty and other delicious food and drink items from their menu, all while enjoying song selections from the show. The doors open at 5:30 pm, show at 7:00. (2 item minimum purchase; 1 item must be a food item.) The Broadway Deli & Lounge is located at 316 SW Washington St. in the MAXAM Building.

A very special thank you to our SpongeBob underwriters, CEFCU, Essential Wellness Pharmacy, Brown Animal Hospital, Art at the Bodega, CrossFit 1825, Karen Stringer and Kristin Whitaker.

Purchase tickets on Peoria Players website.


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