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1. Rusted Melody II

Alex Mendez // Decatur, IN

Mendez is both a sculptor and working musician who is drawn to abstract forms believing he can provide visual sculpted art through music. Through his efforts to master concept, design, sculpting and installation, Mendez creates a progression of his musical and artistic abilities. “Rusted Melody II” has a natural patina that mimics the natural wood of an acoustic guitar. This sculpture pays tribute to his musical roots.

Mild Steel
14’H x 4’W x 1’ D | 300 pounds

2. Fallen Sky

Coral Lambert // Alfred, NY

“Fallen Sky” explores the force of nature and seeks to address issues related to Earth’s resources. By bringing the sky to Earth, Lambert creates an experience that resonates with the viewer in both a physical and a mindful way. Through this sculpture, the artist invites a dialogue with the public to develop their own interpretation about materials, resources and natural phenomena, e.g. a section of the sky as a fossil.

Steel, Nickle plated cast iron
9’H x 10’W x 10’D | 1,500 pounds

3. Incendiary

Luke Achterberg // Onalaska, WI

Achterberg’s work explores the relationship between fine art and the subcultures of Americana found in automotive customization, calligraphy, graffiti and street art. The artist continually plays with physical and aesthetic balance to create a visual smoothness and sleekness called “Super Sleek.” “Incendiary” explores the counterweight and cantilever of shape, line and color to to create a lyrical sculpture.

Painted Steel
11’H x 4’ W x 4’D | 350 pounds

4. Sunrise/Sunset (Sawblade)

Matthew Duffy // Washington, DC

Duffy practices project-based art or rather, he creates works that vary aesthetically, thematically and technically instead of seeking inspiration in the traditional sense. As a fabricator as well as a sculptor, he has honed his visual skills in cutting-edge technology which allows him to replicate universally understood objects or symbols, such as “Sawblade,” in larger-than-life scale.

Welded laser-cut stainless steel
6’H x 8’W x 1.5’D | 150 pounds

5. Moonshine

Bobby Joe Scribner // Woodstock, IL

The sculpture “Moonshine” evokes a sense of wonder, delight and whimsey. Through fabricated steel elements, he addresses his deep family roots in middle Tennessee. Curiosity and an open mind fuels his desire to layer meanings he incorporates into his public sculptures.

11’H x 4’W x 7’D | 300 pounds

6. Selene

Nathan Pierce // Cape Girardeau, MO

Pierce’s “Selene” interacts with the urban landscape offering a counterpoint to the public’s perception of time and place. His use of displaced geometric forms and subtle curves create a elegant and familiar sculpture. His utilization of steel helps him in the fabrication process to continue the family values of strong craftsmanship that he learned from his father.

Stainless steel, acrylic
8’H x 5’W x 3’D | 250 pounds

7. Drop

John Bannon // Chicago, IL

Using the simple beauty of nature, “Drop” produces simultaneous feelings of serenity, anticipation, and tension while the dew drop hangs precariously atop the single blade of grass. Merging art and science, Bannon creates a unity of mind and spirit while remaining aesthetically intriguing. The quiet interval leads the public to reflect on the possible disarray should the drop fall.

Cast urethane, painted steel
12’H x 2’W x 2’D | 200 pounds

8. My Pi

John Adduci // Chicago, IL

Classic iconography has always inspired Adduci’s work. “My Pi,” from the original connotation, melds the ancient with the contemporary, as it is playful, wry, and even cartoonish. “‘My Pi’ is proof that 3.14 is sure to advance into the future!” Adduci’s fabrication in aluminum, is a sculpture that matches aesthetics with longevity.

12’H x 10’W x 7’D | 1,000 pounds

9. Depth of Form

Jacob Burmood // Kansas City, MO

Becoming part of the interwoven complexities that work in conjunction with nature gives Burmood a sense of harmony and simplicity which is the basis for the artist’s inspiration. “Depth of Form” is part of a series of experiments capturing unseen forces, like gravity, pressure and tension. The organic forms emphasize the state of change from liquid to solid, displaying flowing movement.

Cold cast aluminum
7’H x 3’W x 4’D | 250 pounds