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Astral Projection Yellow

Ray Katz  // Pontiac, MI

Public art transforms the way people look at visual phenomena in their environment. Whatever its form, sculpture attracts attention and affects people’s attitude towards their surroundings, stimulating an exchange of ideas that can be enriching emotionally, intellectually, and aesthetically. The abstract forms in space create visual balance, rhythm, action, and movement.

Painted Steel
14.6’H x 12’W x 11’ D | 750 pounds
Completed 2013

X Marks the Spot?

John Adduci // Chicago, IL

Sculpture is an on-the-street experience with art. It excites intuition to explore and, with power and audacity, challenges our right to take up space. By proximity, outdoor sculpture confronts, creates dialogue, and educates. In the tradition of “leaving one’s mark,” public art uses site and surroundings as communicative devices.

8’H x 10’W x 10’D | 500 pounds
Completed 2017

Looking Up

Michael Young // Chicago, IL

The artist’s abstract style is a sense of emotional connection– harmony, growth, energy–simultaneously promoting unity while remaining personally meaningful to the viewer. The forms, suggesting the body and wings of a bird, are that moment when it lifts itself into the sky.

11’H x 3’ W x 4’D | 400 pounds
Completed 2015

Ancient Protocol

Paul Russell // Brookfield, IL

As a fifth generation blacksmith, the artist takes the time and effort to ensure that each sculpture will not only be beautiful, graceful, and original, but also has the strength of forged steel. In “Ancient Protocol” grass roots are reaching
up, supporting dragonflies in a mating ritual, capturing a moment in nature.

Steel, Zinc-nickel plated steel
12’H x 9’W x 8’D | 1,200 pounds
Completed 2016


Wired Stag

Jeff Best // Clare, MI

Wired Stag remains on the walk for another year thanks to a generous donation from the Murray Building!

The bull elk sounds his distinctive growl to gather his harem each fall. Made of a half-mile of reclaimed barbed wire, the artist changes the former metal restraint into a free, majestic creature.

Barbed Wire
7’H x 3’4”W x 8’4”D | 250 pounds
Completed 2016


Nathan Pierce // Cape Girardeau, MO

The artist’s public art is rooted in the notion of technology and communication and the role that it plays in everyday life. No matter the surrounding landscape, his sculpture offers a counterpoint to the viewer’s perception of place. This cage is a platform for observing the life of an object, and also, one’s perception of time. Utilizing the benefits of structural steel, the artist is inspired by the fabrication process. This helps the viewer understand the environment in a very real way.

Steel, Wood
11’H x 4’W x 3’D | 600 pounds
Completed 2017


Crumple & Flow

Jacob Burmood // Ottawa, KS

The artist’s goal was to freeze dynamic movements in a permanent, rigid material. His obsession with fabric stems from its ability to conform to invisible forces, such as gravity, that flow through it. The artist creates forms through multiple layers of process and material to discover underlying order that unifies elements and forces as they converge.

Cold-cast Aluminum
9’H x 4’W x 5’D | 250 pounds
Completed 2017


Ben Pierce // Cape Girardeau, MO

The artist constructs simple geometric forms to capture the viewer’s interest and stir their emotions. Utilizing geometric and curvilinear design and non-representational shapes, Skyward mimics the growth of a young seedling. Rising several feet before it begins to curve and bend, this shape is based on a young plant bursting out of its seed casing and uncurling and stretching “skyward.”

Stainless Steel
13’H x 5’W x 4’D | 500 pounds
Completed 2016

Mommy's Broom

Herb Eaton // Bloomington, IL

The artist’s sculptures are narratives of a young boy’s active imagination. Drawing upon his interaction with his grandfather, he addresses the need to resolve his curiosity. With his imagined horse and his mommy’s broom, he embarks on a childhood adventure.

Bronze, Stainless Steel
11’H x 3’W x 5’D | 350 pounds
Completed 2018

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