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Tanya Bayer: The Unseen

Tanya Bayer

Medium: Colored Pencil & Ink



Tanya Bayer is a mixed media artist residing in East Peoria, Illinois. Working in a fantasy style, she has been exploring themes of light and dark, life and death, joy and saddness. She began experimenting with art from a young age. As a child she created rich imaginary worlds and characters inspired by books, nature, dreams, and a love of Jim Henson characters. Tanya currently has a home studio in East Peoria. She can be contacted on Instagram @tanya.bayer.

Megan Couri: POP

Megan Couri

Medium: Acrylic Paint


Megan was born in Peoria, Illinois and currently lives in Peoria with her two sons and husband. Megan has experience in water color, charcoal, and oil based colored pencil but specializes in painting and murals. Megan has a Bachelors Degree in Forensic Psychology and Studio Art Imagery from St. Ambrose University and a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Executive Development from Bradley University. For several years Megan had a studio at the Contemporary Art Center and worked along side of many local artists. Megan has partnered and participated in community art events such as the Delavan Art Show, Washington Art Festival, American Historical Society, Peoria Zoological Society,  LISC, Ameri Corps, Historic Galesburg, Peoria Historical Society, Peoria County, Peoria Art Guild, and was a selected live muralist for the 2018 1st Annual Big Picture Peoria. Megan illustrated a published children’s book, WindSong, authored by New York Author, Concetta Rose Rella.

In January 2014 Megan’s family survived a house fire and lost nearly everything. This event changed their lives forever, and Megan quickly recognized the vitality of art and healing when she painted a Spider-Man mural in her son’s bedroom so he wouldn’t be scared to come back home. This was her first mural. Megan understands first hand the challenge to balance full time work, family, and school all while continuing her artwork. In a time where Megan was struggling to overcome criticism and pressure from others, for the first time in over a year, she painted for herself. “POP” was born for her own self care and represents internal strength and resiliency.



Keith Glascock: To Be Determined

Keith Glascock

Medium: Photography


Keith Glascock is an up and coming artist in the city of Peoria who has been exploring the art of seeing for the last few years. His medium is photography and passion is for “freezing motion” in an image. Keith enjoys photography of fitness and athletic events the most so he can help capture the moments that otherwise move too quickly for the eye to see.

Michael McGarvey: Easy to be Green

Michael McGarvey

Medium: Photography



For more than 20 years, Mike McGarvey has combined his love of gardening and photography to create “Art from the Butterfly Garden.”

All of my photos were taken in my backyard garden in East Peoria.  My main interest is in close up or macro photography and my subjects include garden plants and visitors including butterflies, bees, wasps and whatever other pollinators that drop into the garden.

Goal of my art:  To advocate for the protection of our many endangered pollinating species and to share the incredible beauty and design of nature that can be found when you take a closer look.

Natalie Jackson O'Neal: Black Magic Woman

Natalie Jackson O'Neal

Medium: Digital Photography


As photography became my means of self-expression, I acknowledged what had once been a hobby as a passion, and began taking classes at Atlanta Art Institute and completed a full curriculum at Gwinnett Technical College. I specialized in portraits, which I later combined with a love for jazz, shooting CD covers, concerts, and posters for musicians. A notable photo shoot was Freddy Cole’s 70th birthday celebration, which was published in Atlanta Magazine. While in Atlanta, other opportunities arose such as becoming staff photographer for GN Magazineand shooting major projects such as The Lost Boys of Sudan, a project and photo exhibit sponsored by Jane Fonda, Art Aids Africa, and Atlanta Celebrates Photography, where I served on the Board of Directors. My photographs were also a featured aspect of the Jackie Robinson Foundation, based out of New York, which provides scholarships to inner city youth. I also exhibited in the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta. Currently, I am a medical photographer for Soderstrom Skin Institute and have work featured in the SkinNews Magazine, the Soderstrom Skin Institute website, and on billboards throughout the central Illinois region. I am a member of the Illinois Art League, Peoria Camera Club, and Central Illinois Artist Organization. I sit on the Board of Directors at the Contemporary Art Center of Peoria, which is a frequently visited, highly active community arts center. My studio is also located there.

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