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Melanie Teresa Bohrer: waiting and noise

Melanie Teresa Bohrer

Medium: Fibers

Website: www.melanieteresabohrer.com

Melanie Teresa Bohrer grew up in Munich, Germany. She received her MFA in Studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and previously her BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design.

As a German artist, she explores ideas of national, inherited trauma, and how physical objects, function as markers, monuments or memorials, to remind us of our past and promote collective healing. As a multilingual, she struggles with ideas of translation, and turns to visual language and object making to express the emotional implications of living between continents and customs. She grapples with the gap that exists not only between generations, but also between every single individual. Her work makes physical an intersection: the fine thread weaving between yin and yang, the ocean parting the old from the new.

Timothy Griffith: Who’s Zooming Who

Timothy Griffith

Medium: Paint

Website: www.TimGriffithArt.com

Timothy Griffith is a St. Louis native who has been painting for over 49 years.

“My work features human and biomorphic themes while utilizing clear, sharp precisionist-influenced forms, in order to give emotions and thoughts a sense of tangible expressionism.”

After a long career in Information Systems Management, Griffith has spent the past two years pursuing a Fine Arts College degree at Illinois Central College. He participates in several ICC organizations and is the Vice President of the ICC Vagabond Art Club. He will be transferring to a to a four-year university in the fall of 2017. Painting is his primary discipline, but he also works in ceramics and sculpting. In 2016, Griffith had his first art show in the galleries at ICC. He has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

Merrell Hickey: Beaded Tapestry

Merrell Hickey

Medium: Jewelry

Merrell Hickey is a jewelry artist whose areas of work concentrate in bead embroidery, steampunk, and large lampworked pieces. She evolved from architecture to jewelry over fifteen years ago and loves the limitless, creative freedom of beads. The level of design, color, and texture involved in bead embroidery speaks to her love of detail and layering. Many of her pieces have a story-like quality to them and she has recently started doing small wall tapestries to encompass larger ideas. These pieces may take well over a hundred hours to complete but she is never afraid to start a commissioned project she knows will take months to complete.

Jessica Peterson: A Windy Day

Jessica Peterson

Medium: Paint, Charcoal

Website: www.jessicapetersonart.com

Growing up in an “artsy fartsy family,” Jessica began when at the age of two, her dad put a crayon in her hand. Years later, photography became her medium, creating unusual pictures.

Jessica does many self portraits, finding it easier to execute her vision when she is the model. In 2011, a school assignment introduced Jessica to charcoal. She immediately fell in love with ‘dust painting,’ but sometimes switches over to acrylic and oil paint. While her charcoal drawings are evocative, it’s her colorful paintings that represent the carefree childhood she always wanted.

Collaborating with her mother, Anne Peterson, Jessica has illustrated five books, which include Emma’s Wish and The Crooked HouseStorylines is an art book which reflects their belief that artists’ work should be pure. In that book, Jessica created her art first, which in turn inspired Anne’s poetry. For this reason, often Jessica will do her art first, which then inspires her mother’s words.

A graduate of Illinois Central College, Jessica is presently a student of Preston Jackson at the Contemporary Art Center.


Marina Wirtz: Reflection

Marina Wirtz

Medium: Painting

Email: marina_wirtz@hotmail.com

Website: fineartamerica.com/profiles/marina-wirtz

Facebook: marinawirtzart

Marina grew up in the town of Vladimir which is a part of the beautiful Golden Ring area of Russia just a few hours away from Moscow. A lifelong interest in art was continued here in the Peoria area. Currently Marina enjoys developing and improving her oil painting techniques and style. Marina is a member of the Union of Russian Professional Artists. The union includes over 5000 members whose work was reviewed by a professional commission and membership awarded. Marina actively participates in local art events like Charity Art Auctions, Art Festivals and anywhere artists come together to share their vision. You can find some of Marina’s paintings at the Junction Gallery and at 817 SW Adams Gallery in Peoria and you can also see her works on Fine Art America website and her Facebook page. As an art teacher Marina truly believes that learning how to paint should be a fun adventure for everyone and her students can look forward to art taught with energy and enthusiasm.

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