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City Hall

Peoria’s City Hall, which was once considered “the finest city hall in the nation for a small size city,” is the centerpiece of ArtsPartners’ publication, “Peoria City Hall: A Visitor’s Guide of Peoria’s Greatest Treasure.”


At the building’s dedication in January of 1899, then Mayor of Peoria, John Warner, remarked, “This building will stand as a monument to the zeal and energy of the present, and be enjoyed by those who may not remember that we ever existed.”  This booklet provides the opportunity to step back in time and learn much about the history of the construction, design and art of Peoria’s City Hall.


This publication, produced by ArtsPartners of Central Illinois, Inc., is authored by local historian, Dr. Peter Couri and includes stunning photographs by Doug and Eileen Leunig, along with an easy to read layout and design by graphic designer Nicole Blackburn.  The colorful 52-page booklet was published by Numéro Publishing and is the third in a series of historical art and architecture catalogs from ArtsPartners, thanks to a grant from The Community Foundation.


Download “Peoria City Hall: A Visitor’s Guide of Peoria’s Greatest Treasure”, in PDF format here:
ArtsPartners’ Peoria City Hall:  A Visitor’s Guide of Peoria’s Greatest Treasure (4.4MB)


For additional information about this catalog, please contact us at ArtsPartners.


City Hall News Conference

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