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Corn Stock Theatre proudly invites you to virtually attend a one night only performance of  It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play which will be streamed through Broadway on Demand one night only on Saturday, December 19th at 7:30 pm. Tickets are  $18.95 ($15.00 plus a $3.95 service fee).

It’s a Wonderful Life:  A Live Radio Play transposes the holiday cinematic classic movie starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed with a clever twist thrown in: the story is staged as a live radio broadcast. Seven actors portray numerous characters, and sound effects are done by two Foley artists.

Director Anna Oxborrow has always loved the holiday classic and the lesson we learn from it when she stated, “It’s a Wonderful Life has a beautiful lesson behind it, that we should be grateful for the little things and more so, being grateful for the people in our lives and how they all affect our lives. There is a reason we are in each other’s lives.”

With COVID-19 constraints, the cast and crew adhered to maintaining social distance while rehearsing which actually worked well for a radio based script. Each of the seven actors were positioned at their own station and the two sound effect gurus working the Foley table were also staged away from the rest of the cast.  Continued Oxborrow, “It isn’t often you get to see how a radio show is made and I hope this gives our viewers a glance into a radio show from the 1940’s.”  Five of the seven cast members are playing multiple characters, but they all come into the radio studio with a base character (think actors playing actors who play actors!) that viewers will get to know based on their nonverbal communication and how they set up their area.  The cast includes Nathan Irwin, Greg Blume, Chris Peterlin, Megan Johnston, Celeste Matheson and Grace Blume.  Sound effects Foley table gurus include Theresa Black and Kristin Whitaker.

“I hope the audience walks away knowing that they matter to Corn Stock Theatre and that they matter to the people who are in their lives,” reflected Oxborrow. To purchase your tickets today, click here.


ABOUT CORN STOCK THEATRE Corn Stock is Peoria’s only outdoor community theatre where shows are presented under a big-top style tent. Located at 1700 N Park Road, in Peoria, Illinois, our main stage season features 5 shows each summer. The Corn Stock Theatre Center building, located just south of the Tent in Bradley Park, houses the Winter Season and the Corn Stock for Kids program. The winter season produces contemporary, adult content shows October – March, and the Corn Stock for Kids program produces two shows annually and a summer workshop for ages 7-18.

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