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Bradley University Theatre returns to season production March 24, 2021, with GOOD KIDS, Naomi Iizuka’s incendiary play based on the true story of a sexual assault involving high school students in an Ohio town. The play, an online production, will be livestreamed for four performances March 24-27, and be available for on-demand viewings from March 31-April 4, 2020.

The assault at the play’s center follows a party that, in the words of one perpetrator, ”just got out of hand.” Live-tweeted and posted, the rape goes viral, shattering the community and exposing bitter conflicts about gender bias, consent, victim-blaming, social class, and privilege.

“GOOD KIDS is an insightful exploration of teenage mores and a timely indictment of a community’s complicity” says Bradley Theatre Arts Chairperson Scott Kanoff. “Since the play’s first production in 2015, events on the national landscape have further validated Ms Iizuka’s compelling vision.”

Approaching its story from the perspectives of twelve students, the play presents its different points of view in a highly theatrical way. “Much of the narrative involves the internet and social media,” Kanoff notes, “so GOOD KIDS lends itself especially well to the Zoom platform which we are employing in the Covid environment.” The production will make use of the entire Hartman Center, and the production team has installed multiple remote acting stations throughout the building, each with its own green screen, lights, and camera setup, so every actor will work in a safe, socially distanced private studio.

Cast, crew, and the all-student design team are led by BU senior Grace Sergott, only the third Bradley undergrad ever to direct a main season production. “Grace brought this play to our attention and advocated forcefully for it,” Kanoff explains.

“She‘s an exceptionally mature and insightful young artist who brings real vision and purpose to this ambitious undertaking. We’re thrilled about her work, and excited, too, that in the midst of the pandemic, we can return to production to present a play of such urgency to the Bradley and Central Illinois communities.”

Production Information

Bradley University Theatre presents GOOD KIDS, by Naomi Iizuka Directed by Grace Sergott

  • Live Streaming: Wednesday through Saturday, March 24-27, 2021 at 7:30PM
  • On Demand: Wednesday through Sunday, March 31-April 4, 2020
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