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Fisher Stolz “Phenomenon” Maquette On Display At Pekin Public Library

phenom_maqPhoto: Jeff Brooks


PEORIA, IL- November, 12, 2015-Local sculptor and Bradley University Associate Professor of Art, Fisher Stolz, has loaned an 18 inch maquette of “Phenomenon” to the Pekin Public Library for display until late spring 2016, when the full-size sculpture will be installed. The library purchased “Phenomenon” through Sculpture Walk Peoria last spring for $19,200. “Phenomenon” is one of 15 sculptures featured in Sculpture Walk Peoria, and the first piece to sell from the walk.


The newly renovated Pekin Public Library reopened last week to the public. The grand opening event is Saturday, November 14th, from 1 to 3 PM, with a ribbon cutting at 1:30 PM. The Phenomenon Maquette is displayed in the entry area of the library, in the Local History Room display unit. “The maquette itself is a beautiful piece of art, and it is wonderful to be able to have the opportunity to have the maquette on display to fuel excitement for Phenomenon’s arrival late spring,” said Jeff Brooks, Director of Pekin Public Library. “We will also be fundraising for public art this spring, and displaying the maquette during that period will demonstrate the library’s commitment to bringing public art to Pekin.”


While the maquette is 18 inches tall, the Phenomenon sculpture is about 10 feet tall. Both the maquette and the larger sculpture are made from stainless steel. “I worked on the maquette over the course of about three weeks, putting in about 30 hours in design and fabrication,” said Fisher Stolz. The central sphere suggests an exploration of the planets while the steel abstraction invites the viewer to explore shapes, figures, and relationships.


“The sculpture creates such the sense of wonder and is truly inspiring which is how we want our customers and especially children to feel using the library and taking advantage of all the possibilities for discovery here,” said Jeff Brooks, Library Director.


Sculpture Walk Peoria, an initiative of ArtsPartners of Central Illinois, Inc., is a one year display of 15 sculptures created by nationally and internationally renowned sculptors. The sculptures can be viewed outdoors in Peoria’s Warehouse District, on Washington Street between Liberty and Oak. New sculptures will be selected for the 2016 Sculpture Walk Peoria.

ArtsPartners of Central Illinois promotes the arts as a vital component of central Illinois’ cultural and economic development. Founded in 1999, ArtsPartners of Central Illinois, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to build awareness and strengthen the arts as an economic catalyst for the Peoria area.

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