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June, 2021

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Fri04Jun9:00 AM2:00 PMLandscapesAnn E Coulter, Michael Dubina, Rozanne Hubbard, Doug Johnson9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Peoria Art Guild, 203 Harrison St Event Organized By: Peoria Art Guild Event Type :Art ExhibitCost:FREE


(Friday) 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Peoria Art Guild

203 Harrison St

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Opening Reception – First Friday, June 4, 2021, from 5-9 pm

The word “landscape” entered the English language around the start of the 17th century. Originating in Europe, it defined a genre that focused on natural beauty surrounding the urbanization of cities. As time persisted, within decades, landscapes came to describe vistas in poetry and to familiarize readers of meadows and glens of peaceful, lush conditions outside the bustle of cities. Given the long and diverse history of landscape painting, many artists still invest in the genre today. As evident in this contemporary landscape collection of four outstanding painters, they have taken cues from the past to model landscapes that are both inspired and highly original.

Ann E. Coulter, Michael Dubina, Rozanne Hubbard, and Doug Johnson are such artists from Central Illinois whose landscapes are both similar as well as dissimilar. Like the Impressionists, they all capture the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere in their work. But separating them from the Impressionists is their quiet spiritual sublime more akin to modern non-objective artists like Agnes Martin.

Artists often choose landscapes as their subject matter for a variety of reasons. Some want to replicate or represent the obvious natural beauty; some delve deeper into exploring various aesthetic elements e.g., light, color, and texture. Additionally, some artists use scenes of nature to illustrate or conceptualize a metaphor.

Ann E Coulter’s work explores intimate, secluded areas of the woods—often allowing us to share in a committed space familiar to her. On the other hand, Doug Johnson’s landscapes capture the local identity of Central Illinois with his sweeping farmlands and open clear skies that encourage the viewer’s appreciation to soar. Rose Hubbard and Michael Dubina, offer the viewer brilliant, invariant equatorial sunsets enriched with fevered reds and oranges, filled with drama and curiosity.

Nineteenth century American artist Thomas Cole, painted works known for a romantic portrayal of the American wilderness with an idyllic, pastoral setting. He experimented with this contrast to population growth to emphasize the possibilities of the national landscape, pointing to the future prospect of American landscape painting. These four artists create contemporary landscapes that also contend with the future—one saddled with global warming, environmental catastrophe and urbanization causing changes to habitats. Coulter, Dubina, Hubbard and Johnson have accepted this mantle and carried it into the 21st century so well.




Peoria Art Guilddirector@peoriaartguild.org 203 Harrison St, Peoria, IL

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