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Corn Stock Theatre proudly invites you to attend the live performances of These Shining Lives, directed by Paul Gordon January 14, 15, 21, & 22nd at 7:30pm, and January 16 & 23rd at 2:30pm. Tickets are $14 for adults and $10 for students (College ID and under). This riveting drama takes place in the post-war 1920’s, and centers around three women both excited and liberated to be financially independent by working in a watch factory. This new vision of freedom is shattered when one by one the women begin to fall ill to mysterious ailments. They discover the source of their sickness is radioactive paint used for the watches and decide to seek retribution in the form of a class-action lawsuit against their employer, Radium Dial Company. Though their own future seems hopeless, their persistence to fix what is broken demonstrates the power of the human condition, despite the curbing of women’s newly won social freedoms during the Great Depression.

“These Shining Lives” is directed by longtime Corn Stock Director and performer Paul Gordon, who last directed “Of Mice and Men” in 2016. Gordon also directed “God of Carnage,” “Other Desert Cities” and “Rabbit Hole” all at Corn Stock’s Winter Playhouse. He decided to bring “These Shining Lives” to Corn Stock Theatre as he has always been interested in the history of labor and “These Shining Lives” illustrates events that led to many changes in the labor movement. Says Gordon, “The changes caused by the women this play highlights saved countless lives through the years. Many people, women, and men, sacrificed so much to benefit future generations, something many may not realize, and I wanted to present their courage to local audiences.”

With themes such as worker’s rights, women’s rights, and resilience, audiences get the extra bonus after each performance of a “Talk Back,” where they will get the chance to discuss the play with the director, and the cast. “The Talk Back will provide the audience an opportunity to give feedback about the show, it’s subject matter, and have a dialogue with the cast.”  Corn Stock Theatre’s winter playhouse is the perfect venue for Talk Backs and will allow the audience – if interested- to stay and discuss these the play informally.

Corn Stock is following all Illinois mandated COVID-19 guidelines and as such, all patrons will be required to wear a mask during the performance. Patrons can remove their mask to eat or take a drink and then they must put their mask back on. Extra child and adult masks will be available at the Box Office counter.

As an extra bonus, The Broadway Deli & Lounge will be at all performances selling beer & wine. You must be 21 years and older. Cash and card only. In addition, Meal Boxes will be available for audience members for any performance except Sundays.
If you are interested in a Meal Box, you need to call the Broadway Lounge at 309-431-9708 and place your order no later than 3:30pm for the day they are to deliver to the theatre. You can pay at the Concessions Counter at the Theatre Center when you arrive for your Meal Box.

To purchase your tickets for “These Shining Lives”, go here. For questions, call our Box Office at (309) 676-2196

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