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Corn Stock for Kids are excited to finally present their spring production, Anne of Green Gables, which will be streamed on-demand through OnTheStage starting on Thursday, April 7th through Sunday, April 11th. Tickets are $12.00 for an Individual Ticket and $17.00 for a Family Ticket. To purchase your tickets today, click here.

Anne of Green Gables is a literary classic written by L.M. Montgomery and directed by Anna Oxborrow. This adaptation of Anne of Green Gables captures the charm and excitement of L.M. Montgomery’s enduring classic about an orphan girl, Anne Shirley, from her first encounter with her austere guardian to her thrilling graduation from Queen’s Academy. The play faithfully recreates the memorable events and characters from the brilliant novel. All the tragedies and triumphs that mark Anne’s growth from adolescence to early adulthood are here: her friendship with Diana, her feuds with Gilbert, her adoration of Matthew, the mistaken wine bottle, the cake disaster, the broken leg, the scholastic achievements, and the saving of Green Gables. Whether the playgoer is an “old friend” of Anne’s or meeting her for the first time, this play will solidify a lasting friendship between the audience and one of literature’s most unforgettable characters.

Director Anna Oxborrow says “Last year when the rug was ripped out from underneath us six days before opening, we felt like everyone – stunned, it wasn’t fair, and sad. We felt all of the emotions because we were ready to perform! However, I will say that this time around has made me incredibly grateful for every second spent in the theatre, even when we have been exhausted or hiccups in the process have come along. The pandemic has taught us to roll with the punches, which people who know me know I don’t particularly enjoy change. I have been surprised at the amount of patience that the parents, cast members, and everyone else has had throughout this process. There has been a lot of adjusting, mask wearing, and switching of scheduling. I have seen the cast come together even more to make this production work. And just like most productions, there are always the inside jokes, laughing, exploring, and creating and that is what we love most – being able to create in this pandemic. I can imagine that is something most theatre people have struggled with during this pandemic, the feeling of not being able to create and watch a creation come to life. We are very grateful for this experience, even if it is different than how we were originally supposed to perform.”

While this production was originally slated to go up in March 2020, we had the unfortunate decision to close the show six days away from opening due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping in mind the COVID-19 constraints, the cast and crew adhered to maintaining social distance and wearing face coverings while filming and throughout all rehearsals. We were delighted when 24 of the original 27 cast members were able to return to their role, including Cassidy Miles-Coleman, who plays Anne Shirley, who says “Playing Anne has been such a wonderful and bizarre experience. When Anne of Green Gables was closed a week before opening night, I was heartbroken. This has been a rollercoaster of a year but being able to come back and play this wonderful role has been a dream. It has been different then the regular theatre experience, but the parts that matter are still there. The passion, love, and energy are still there present on the stage. This cast is my second family. I have grown so close to every single cast member and am glad to call them my lifelong friends. Our wonderful director Anna has been there for us through it all and I could not thank the cast and crew enough. So please see Anne of Green Gables streaming April 7th-11th!”

The cast includes Cassidy Miles-Coleman, Ryan Salisbury, Rachel Lard, Lydia Dutton, Flynn Robertson, Emilie Gilles, Laynie Zika, Sarah Allen, Isley Oxborrow, Geneva Bencz, Kylee Polston, Isaac Oxborrow, Zack Mickelson, Kenzie Strickler, Holden Tyre, Re’na Lyles, Alex Glover, Alyssa Jarnagin, Keegan Bragg, Aby Rosano, Renee Fonseca, Tobin Robertson, Harper Fillman, Kaitlyn Glover, Wally Zika, and James Bailey.

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