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Call Out for Creatives in the Peoria/Central Illinois Area

*A Juried Collaborative Collection put on by the Emerging Artists Collective & Bluffs Literary Magazine! Looking for submissions from Visual Artists, Spoken Word, Musicians, and Written Word!

*No charge to enter. Your submissions should be no older than 1-2 years. READ YOUR CATEGORY for instructions on how to submit. Something to think about…If submitting pieces, you should be willing to work with others to make new work geared toward the theme (which is revealed upon acceptance) of this collaborative project. Every person submitting work will be looked over by the jury. Work that is submitted should be your best and most recent. The pieces/work you submit (if accepted) are not used in the publication. Everyone accepted will be making new work.
There will be fliers put up around downtown, but obviously you can use the photo as a reference. You have some time, but submission (Jan. 15, 2020) is near approaching, so get on it. Any questions? You can ask by emailing: eacbluffscollab@gmail.com

*Don’t forget to share this with anyone you think may be interested! We’re in this thing called “Life” together 🙂

(Once work is accepted and the jury decision is released, more information on this publication will be given.)


Facebook: @eacbluffscollab