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1. What is ArtPop’s mission?

ArtPop’s mission is to promote local artists’ work and make art accessible to communities through available media space.

2. How did ArtPop get its name?

ArtPop= Art + Public Outdoor Project.  Out of Home media is typically referred to as OOH or Outdoor Advertising

3. How do I learn more about ArtPop?

More information can be found on the website at ArtPopStreetGallery.com

Also check out ArtPop on social media:

Twitter:  @ArtPopStreetGal

Instagram:  ArtPopStreetGallery

Facebook:  ArtPop

The hashtag #ArtPop should not be used.  Please include the city with the hashtag (ex: #ArtPopCLT, ArtPopPeoria) #ArtPopStreetGallery or #APSG

4. How was ArtPop founded?

ArtPop is the brainchild of Wendy L. Hickey of Charlotte, NC.  The first official ArtPop program started in January of 2014 in Charlotte, NC.  The idea came to Wendy as she was serving on the Board of Directors for a local arts council in 2002.  She realized she could use her career in selling billboard advertising to help local artists by displaying their art on available billboard space. Prior to being named ArtPop, Wendy had versions of the program in PA, MI and IL as early as 2002. The program has since expanded from billboards to include bus sides and urban news racks.

5. Is ArtPop in cities other than Charlotte, NC?

Where you may have seen ArtPop since 2014:

Lehigh Valley, PA
Beaufort, SC
Triad, NC
Peoria, IL
Lakeland, FL
Tampa, FL
Pocono, PA
Norfolk, VA
Central, FL (Orlando area)
Charlotte, NC
Las Vegas, NV
Columbus, OH
Nashville, TN
Charleston, SC

6. Are there plans to grow ArtPop to more cities?

ArtPop has a goal of adding 5 more cities in 2017.

7. How do artists get their work into the ArtPop program?

Every year, each ArtPop city will have a call for submissions which will be open to artists 18 years of age and older who live in a participating city. Artists must be able to verify the submission is their original work with no exceptions and provide it in a high res printable version for OOH media. Artists must have an active online presence- through a website or social media.  At the end of the artists call, a panel of judges from each local community will determine the winners for the coming year.