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Collin Krause

The Way Down Wanderers are from the very heartland of America – central Illinois, Peoria, to be exact – which is reflected in their distinctive sound, which draws on elements of bluegrass, but also touches on classic rock influences including the multi-part harmonies of the Beach Boys and The Band’s hybrid soul, as well as the roots qualities of The Avett Brothers and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, with surprising elements of jazz, classical music and even hip-hop.

The band’s two chief songwriters – Austin Krause-Thompson and Collin Krause – have known each other for six years now, starting when Austin was 19 and Collin 15, and while they each write separately, this time around there was much more working in tandem.

“We’re so much more used to working with each other now,” says Austin, who recently married Collin’s older sister, making them brothers-in-law. “Collin and I are really getting a feel for one another, the way we write together.”

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